The Only Winter Fashion You’ll Wear For Any Season

The new trend of modern youth culture, the so-called Onesie, originates from the mysterious and progressive land of the rising sun – Japan. The name, so unusual to our American ear, implies unusual outfits like pajamas or carnival costumes of cartoon characters like Salem onesies, costumes of animals like cat onesies, movie characters, like stitch onesies and superheroes. Options for masquerade costumes in the style of onesie can be a huge set. Any image that can create your imagination and generate your creative brain can be realized in onesie.

As for age, these unusual outfits can be in the form of costumes for adults, and for children. Dressed in this cozy, warm and cheerful costume is very comfortable to sleep or do household chores, just like the feeling when you are sleeping in your favorite blanket. Indeed, why, in addition to comfort, do not make your home people happy with funny images, evoking smiles and positive things? In addition, one cannot argue with the fact that children in the form of cartoon characters or animals cause affection, and the older ones just put on onesie for a costume party, for example, New Year onesies or Halloween onesies. These are just some of the onesies that your closet needs.

Where did this funny name “Onesie” come from?

Initially, the word is derived from the Japanese word “kiru,” which, translated into American, means “to wear,” and the words “nigurumi” or in American “soft toy.” The semantic combination of these words speaks for itself.

Onesie carnival costumes are also an integral part of the whole Anime subculture, also born in Japan. Initially, “Anime” refers to Japanese cartoons for different age categories of viewers. Most Popular Anime cartoons were paintings intended for teenagers and young people. Being the most creative, impressionable and active category of spectators, young people began to associate themselves with cartoon characters, trying to recreate screen images and plots in reality. Thus was formed the whole subculture of onesie.  Anime culture is very diverse and includes entire currents that help make the Japanese fairy tale come true.

One of the ways to make anime live is Coplay. Another Japanese word implies a complete reconstruction of the cartoon image starting with the costume and ending with habits and behavior. The similarity of the cartoon character should be not only external but also internal. This is the foundation and ideology of co-play. Co-play lovers are close friends with onesie costumes and each co-player in the wardrobe will surely have a character’s pajamas from which he does not crawl out either at home or on the street. How to have a onesie party?

Current cosplay vigorously burst into the open spaces of our country in the 2000s and replenished its ranks with young onesie fashionistas, secular youth and ordinary people who were tired of the dull gray routine. The representatives of this trend in our country have formed their own interesting and unusual slang, which has become a combination of the Japanese lexicon in the American manner. So, all sweet, pretty, including onesies onesie called “kawaii,” and representatives of Cosplay, dressed in animal costumes called “nyashki” that also characterizes them as a very pleasant character, causing tenderness. You can find more popular anime theme onesies at

Onesie today

Today, the popular trend of cosplay and onesie has covered the post-Soviet space so much and has liked the American imagination that it was picked up not only by progressive teenagers, secular girls and boys, but even the seemingly boring accountants and all other adult representatives of serious professions began to regularly organize costume parties and holidays in the style of Japanese anime dressing up in costumes of onesie animals and superheroes. But like all foreign trends, in America, the idea of cosplay has undergone some transformation in our own way. Namely, in addition to Japanese cartoon characters, cosplay fans and participants of pajama parties dress up in costumes, in the heroes of American animations and markups in any characters that they know, love and compare themselves.

Scope onesie so diverse that is limited only by the imagination and interests of the owner of this cute fancy dress. If you do not want to say goodbye to your childhood, you are a versatile, active person with a sense of humor and without prejudice, then onesie will definitely become a favorite subject of your wardrobe.

It’s great that images can be changed depending on your mood, company or occupation. At home, you can please your other half by dressing up in a cozy bunny, dissecting on rollers or snowboarding in a tiger or Mickey Mouse costume. Reckless, extreme sports and just extraordinary lovers of outdoor activities will appreciate the unique opportunity to stand out and turn on themselves even more admiring glances.

Onesies for snowboarding style firmly taken its place in the community of fans of fun and extreme sports, the common of which is winter onesies for women. Creative American guys snowboarders, as well as representatives of new school skiers, have long noticed a new way to have fun on the slope in animal and cartoon costumes. Do not be surprised if you see a pink panther riding on a snowboard or Winnie Pooh’s skiing from a springboard.

In addition, athletes and extreme sports, in addition to reckless character, are also practical people. After all, on the winter slope, it is very important, first of all, the convenience of equipment and the properties of the material from which your clothes are made. And here Onesie does not give up their positions.

Dense fleece, from which the costumes of animals for the snowboard are made, perfectly retains heat and does not get wet for a long time. In addition, fleece breathes well, light and hypoallergenic material. The onesie fleece onesies are washed “with a bang” in an ordinary washing machine, they do not shrink, do not wipe and do not lose color.

Such properties of fleece make onesies suitable for even the smallest children. In a fleece onesie, your baby will not only have fun while walking, but also be warm, and most importantly, it is convenient to run, jump and walk on your head.

Onesie is a whole bright world that is inside each of us. After all, we are all in the shower little children. And each of us is able to give others joy, smiles, positive such simple and important things in our difficult times. Agree, onesie is another small way to make this world brighter.