Fun facts about squishies

A squishy toy is any toy that you can squeeze or squish. Hence the name. However, that doesn’t really explain what a squishy is, does it?


Squishies are usually small toys. They can come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. Their main trait is, of course, their squeezability, so to say. You can squeeze them while applying very little force. Don’t worry, they will revert to their original form as soon as you stop applying pressure.


Depending on the material the manufacturer uses to make them, squishies can be very soft or a bit denser.


What material do they use


While on the subject of material, most manufacturers use Polyurethane, or PU, for short. That’s the same material that aircraft engineers use for airplane wheels, for example. It’s also the main ingredient of density foam, memory foam, and cushion foam. However, some squishies are made from different types of polyurethane. Hence, they are more or less soft, and their texture can vary.

If your priority is the speed with which the toy reverts to the original state after you squeeze it, you might be happiest with a sponge squishies. If you prefer this process to be slower, however, choose the foam squishies.


Where do they come from?


Japan, of course. Just like most of the other adorable toys that are trending, squishies come from the land of cuteness. Their original name is Kawaii squishies. Kawaii means “cute” or “adorable” in Japanese. Squishies were invented over 30 years ago, but have gained popularity outside of Japan just recently.


Typically, the design of the squishies is related to Japanese pop culture. That is why anime character squishies are among the most popular squishies. However, animals, food, snacks, and emojis are also a popular choice. Some say it could’ve been more popular if there are squishies made with voices. That would be very cute!


Different types of squishies

Just like their name suggests, anything cute can become a squishy design. That means that there is a massive variety of squishies out there. But, squishies don’t vary just in shape, but in size as well. You can get them in super jumbo, jumbo, regular, and mini size.


Food-related squishies are amongst the most popular types. They can be some regular items, like a popcorn bag, a coffee cup, bread or a cookie. However, they can be more obscure and detailed than that, as well. So, you can get a panda cookie squishy, for instance. Japanese and Asian snacks, like dumplings and Onigiri, are also very popular.


Animal squishies are just as popular. Pandas, cats, and puppies are the most favorite options.


Mythical and magical squishies like unicorn and dragon squishies are maybe even more popular with adults than with children. They are very diverse, and the designs are usually very colorful.


Character squishies are the most popular option for adults. They help you express your interests, and range from the usual Hello Kitty squishies to other, less famous cartoon, anime and TV show characters.


Squishies can also be accessories. You can attach them to your bag or phone. Furthermore, you can get them in the form of phone cases. Now, these squishies are not only cute and fun, but they can also cushion the blow when your phone falls to the ground.


Finally, squishies are excellent stress relievers. They are also great for anxiety attacks. The repetitive motion of squeezing can help you get rid of excess energy. The pleasant texture of the squishies will help you to focus and increase your productivity as well.





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