How to motivate others to make some of the healthy choices you’re making? It’s not so easy. Anyone who’s found it difficult to get on the right path understands the frequent resistance of their loved ones to adopt similar lifestyle changes. Despite intellectually understanding the benefits of exercise, for instance, they may feel too busy

As a parent, you need to encourage healthy habits—including exercise—in your youngsters. Physical activity should become as routine a part of their lives as eating and sleeping. Reassure them that sports such as cycling (al­ways with a helmet), swimming, basketball, jogging, walking briskly, cross country skiing, dancing, aerobics, and soccer, played regularly, are not only

When many people decide to “get fit,” they assume it involves rigorous activity. But you don’t have to spend hours in a gym to be physically active. People can get in shape by performing everyday activities in the home. Every time you and your child throw a softball, swim a lap, climb a flight of