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Willie Nelson is a wildlife biologist and tour operator with a long association with the
Olympic Peninsula. He first came to the peninsula with his family in 1951. Growing up
in Bremerton he made many visits, sometimes camping out on the Elwha with his
family. His love of the mountains and forests were ingrained at an early age.

As a young man he worked for the Washington Department of Natural Resources,
evaluating timberlands all over the state for purposes of making land exchanges.
Through this work he was exposed to the diversity of forestlands on both sides of the

In 1971 he began earning a degree in Wildlife Range Management at Washington State
University. During his college years he had opportunity to do wildlife habitat evaluations
in the Wallowa Mountains of northeast Oregon for the U.S. Forest Service. Upon
graduating in 1975, he began his career with the Washington Department of Fish and

Over the next 15 years he carried out a number of duties. He was involved in several
habitat evaluation projects, including Wells Wildlife Recreation Area, and the High Ross
Dam Mitigation Study. From 1977 to 1980 he mapped all of the Marine shoreline of the
State of Washington for the Coastal Zone Atlas, a detailed county-by-county product
used by county planners and anyone using the shoreline. He also worked in the
Non-Game Program in Olympia, tracking rare, threatened, and endangered species
and developing programs for protecting their habitat. He developed a course in
sensitive habitat evaluation and taught it to state Audubon clubs. He was the Habitat
Biologist for Cowlitz, Lewis, and Wahkiakum counties, issuing hydraulics permits to
protect streams. While in this capacity he worked with the Rocky Mountain Elk
Foundation and Weyerhaeuser Corporation to restore and protect critical elk habit
destroyed by the eruption of Mount St. Helens. When he left the Washington Department
of  Fish and Wildlife he was the Regional Wildlife Program manager, supervising field
personnel in management of game and non-game resources in southwestern

In 1990 he left Washington to move with his wife to southwestern Arizona. After
conducting research on Mexican Spotted Owls in the southern mountains, he started a
tour and transportation company in Ajo, Arizona. For the next eleven years he developed
and conducted natural history, history, and cultural tours throughout northern Mexico,
the western U.S., and even the East Coast.

Willie has an excellent reputation as a tour operator and guide who shows personal
concern for passengers' comfort and safety while providing unique tour experiences
beyond what they would enjoy on their own.

Willie Nelson

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